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New venue and new time for Kino #71

Kino Sydney is moving homes (and time slot) for Kino #71 on July 1st 2013. Long gone are the days when local Kinoites would stomp around Darlinghurst, come July Kino Sydney will only be found at 107 Projects, 107 Redfern Street, Redfern. Kino Sydney will also be opening its doors half an hour later at 6:30pm.

If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, so... No excuses for confusion!


Kino #70 Wrap Up

Kino#70 was, without a doubt, an intimate night of pizza, beer and good times. The evening was hosted by MC Samuel, the new Kino Coordinator who is working with The Festivalists to take Kino Sydney into brave, new waters.

The good times rolled thanks to the help of our amazing volunteers and thanks to the charming friends of Kino Sydney - Metro Screen (who offered a litte something, something to the night's attendees), Little Creatures (who kindly lubed up the night's attendees with delicious beer) and the Australian Museum (who housed Kino Sydney for the last time).  

There were new films from local Kinoite favourites Collin Trevena and Vanessa Dang. Trevena screened another entry in his on going burlesque saga, Kelly Ann Doll. We are looking forward to seeing how this project all ties together. Dang directed and acted in a music video clip named Dork, a loving homage to dorky man-boys.

Dang also screened See the Real Thing, her entry for a local online film competition. As Kino Sydney only screens world premieres, and it emerged that Dang's second film had already appeared online, Dang was awarded a challenge - "Postman robot cats."(Though Kino Sydney definitely encourages filmmakers to take their films to competitions and screenings after their Kino screening.)

Jess Collett, a Kino Londo actress who has recently relocated to Sydney, showed us what she is made of with The Tube - A Love Story. No. 1, a film by Kinoite Seb Sattler, finally made its debut being filmed 3 months earlier just before Seb made his sudden move to Spain.

Kino Sydney took advantage of a slow month for local films to show the audience what has been happening in the Kino network around the world. From Hamburg we had Filip Piskorzynski's Gravity; from Kino Mexico's inaurgral event we had From My Perspective; from Kino London, we had Alex Widdowson's Patients, from Kino Prague we had Robert Ly's The Mysterious Disparition of Paris Episode 1; from Kino Burkina Faso we had Karim ait-Gacem and Eve Dufaud's TchipTchop; and from Manchester we had Mat Johns' Two Birds; and from Melbourne, the newest cell to the Kino network, we had Lawrence Makoona's amazing animation Back 2 Square 1.

After a quick glimpse at global Kino, we are hoping that local Kinoites and all newcomers have found some inspiration for their wrok for Kino #71. Keep an eye out for more details about the next screening soon.






We're launching our latest KINO CHALLENGE – and it comes with a cash budget for your film and the chance to win cash prizes!

We’ve teamed up with our friends at
 International Experience Canada to challenge you to make a one-minute film on the theme:

“My idea of Canada...”

You can be as absurd, inventive, or sober-faced as you like. Play with the clichés, refute them, or flip them upside down – whatever takes your fancy.

- The first TEN filmmakers to sign up to make a one-minute film receive a $100 budget to shoot your film (plus free use of the Kino camera, if you need it).

- $500 cash prize for the
Best Film as decided by our esteemed jury.

- A $250 equipment hire voucher for the People’s Choice Award – the most popular Try The Real Thing film on YouTube.

Read below for the rules...




All films entered will screen at Kino events on 13 May, 3 June and 1 July as they are finished, and the winning film will screen before every film at the 2013 Possible Worlds Film Festival, at Dendy Cinemas.

1) You must be
one of the first ten teams to register to receive the $100 budget, so hit up now!

2) You will have to return the $100 budget if your film is not finished by 1 July.

3) Your film must include the following three slides at the end:


Please email for the high resolution slides.

4) To submit your finished film for consideration, email the file to

5) Films entered in this challenge are exempt from having to display “Kino Sydney” + screening number at the end.

6) Films will be uploaded to YouTube the day after their Kino screening. The film with the most likes by 2pm on August 7th will win the $250 People’s Choice Award, so the earlier you finish it the more time you have online to gather votes!



It all happens 1 April - no fooling - with the screening of the FilmLife Project shorts and the launch of our next challenge. Ignore the end of the long weekend by losing yourself in some short films and free booze and pizza!