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Optional Challenge: June Kino!

To create a short with a creative use of colour!

What do we mean by this I hear you say?

Well, if we look at some super sweet films like American Beauty and Schindler's List we can see how colour was used to convey a message.

Check out scenes in American Beauty where red was used to create a certain mood or message. There is deliberate emphasis on others colours throughout the film such as blue and white which correlatewith the colours in the American flag.

Or an easy one is Schindler's List where they have created a film with a very limited colour palette and with a very deliberate focus on the colour red









Then there is also film styles like that of Tim Burton who, at times has worked within a narrow colour palette.

Playing with colour can happen through the art direction of your film or in post production. Playing with colour levels can alter the mood of your film dramatically!

Good Luck!

And remember the challenges are just optional. You can always make a film of your own choosing, if this challenge is not for you!

Films must be ready for screening on Monday 25th June at Kino #58! See you soon!


Kino Project Cast, Crew and... Animal Call


Art Director


2 Male Actors

1 Female Actor

1 Child Actor

1 Small Dog


Film will be shown at The Vanishing Point Art Gallery after premiering at Kino in August.

Theme: Aftermath of sexual abuse.

Film Synopsis:The film would represent the psychological impact of this trauma on an individual. We intend to be as subtle as possible into the artistic expression in the film – as in ideally I would like the viewer to think about what he/she saw and define what it means for him/her rather than us pasting to obviously the topic in the film itself.

The film would also express a more general feeling of entrapment/enslavement from ‘the screens’; all forms of information (often very sexualised) we are bombarded with from an early age.

Script can be dowloaded here!

Contact Andre if you are keen to take part in the creation of this Kino project!

Andre Flament




Kino groups or cells are rapidly multiplying around the world!

Founded in Montreal the network has since spread thoughout Canada, America, Europe, Australia and Africa!

Most cells hold monthly screenings and yearly Kino Kabaret events, just like Sydney.

Kino is a super inclusive network that welcomes people from International cells with open arms!

Feel like going on a holiday and want to hang out with some like minded filmmakers? Why not suss out the international Kino cells and see whether a Kino screening or Kino Kabaret is coming up!

Interstate Kino cells can sometimes assist you with the cost of your flight if you are looking to come over for their annual Kabaret event! They can also help hook up accomodation with one of their Kino members!


Kino can currently be found in the below locations. 

Head to their websites to suss out what they are up to!

Kino Vienna

Kino Brussells

Kino London

Kino Montreal

Kino Quebec

Kino Wisconsin

Kino Maurice






Saturday 17th – Sunday 2nd December


Kino Kabaret is back! And in our 5th year we have organized the biggest Kino Kabaret yet!

Kino Kabaret is a filmmaking marathon that gives participants all the equipment and facilities they need to test their filmmaking skills. The marathon enables people to develop their skillset and team up with like-minded, enthusiastic individuals!

Kino Kabaret happens all over the world, with the first marathon happening in Montreal many years ago! Sydney hold the only Kino Kabaret in Australia at present so let’s make it a good one!

We throw participants in a room of actors, filmmakers and script writers, eliminate all the annoying pre-production parts of filmmaking and support you as you create premiere short films!

Participants work away frantically over a 32 hours period to create as many films as they can within the time limit.

Everyone walks away from this festival with one or more films to add to their show reel, to kick start their acting career, to hand out to agencies, to enter into festivals or to launch their Vimeo Channel.

Kabaret is fantastic for those people new to the world of film who have always wanted to pick up a camera but never had the guts to do so. It is also brilliant for the more established filmmaker and actors who are looking to broaden their contact network and have a really amazing weekend shooting and watching cinema.


The filmmaking marathon is open to anyone! You don’t need to have any prior experience or film knowledge.

On the first day, we will hold a pre-production meeting where teams will be created and everyone will have the opportunity to pitch an idea.

You are welcome to sign up for one or all of three sessions. Each session is on a weekend with the pre-production meeting at 10am on the Saturday and the screening at 6:30 on the Sunday.


You can come with a team but most people find they get more out of it if they come without a pre-prepared team.

It doesn’t mean you can’t sign up with friends, family or your boss but people generally enjoy taking part in the pitching and pre-production part which involves teaming up with new people and making new connections.


A lot of more professional filmmakers come along to Kabaret to test their skills, create a new network of film contacts and spend a weekend remembering why they fell in love with the craft.

If you are ready to meet a new bunch of film enthusiasts and test your improvisation skills, then you will definitely love this event!

Most of the pre-production has already been done for you which means more time for the good stuff! A selection of locations have been mapped out, there is an array of acting talent for you to choose from, all your technical needs have been met and your time table has been cleared. Now you just have to get creative!

Films that have been made through Kino Kabaret have gone onto tour the festival circuit or have been made into features. You still retain all the rights to your films and are welcome to do with them as you would like.


The best thing about Kino Kabaret is that for only $50 you get everything you need to make one or more films. The trick is that you only have 32hrs to make them!

Your $50 also includes access to the screening party. Every film will be screened in front of a live audience on the Sunday evening of your session. We prepare a killer screening party to celebrate your achievement! Screening parties are fully stocked with booze, food and live entertainment!


The application form must be submitted a week prior to the festival kick off date.

Application forms will be accepted via email, post or in person.

All applications in after the main round application cut off will incur a late fee.

EARLY BIRD APPLICATIONS - $45 – Must be received by July 31st 2012

MAIN ROUND APPLICATIONS - $50 – Must be received by November 10th 2012

Any applications received after this date will be charged at $60

Application fee includes:

  • Participation in selected filmmaking session
  • Access to all cameras and shooting equipment courtesy of Metro Screen
  • Green Screen access
  • Access to editing facilities at Kino Kabaret Lab
  • Metro Screen technical tutors
  • Meet & Greet evening
  • Actors and filmakers
  • Access to copyright free music from Sydney artists
  • Free entry into the screening party within your session
  • Pizza, entertainment and 2 x free drinks at your screening session


Please note: There is only 30 spots available for each session. When the session is full you can go on a waiting list but there is no guarantee there will be space.