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Cast & Crew Call - DOP, Art Design, Editor, Sound and Actors

What is it?

An absurdist parody of a Sunday arts program as well as a bit of shameless celebration of some of my favourite comedy moments.

First iteration of script can be downloaded here.

Crew Required:

Alls i got is an idea and a script, so need all your amazing tech skills.


  • DOP/Camera Operator (with camera)
  • Production / Art Designer
  • Editor (if possible would be great to get some trippin 1960s effects in post)
  • Sound & Lighting Dude/tte


Cast Required:


  • The Presenter
  • The Artist (someone good with physical comedy)
  • 2 Girls (willing to be nude or semi-nude)
  • Psychedelic rock musician or band


Contact Lucy if you are interested:




5 Minutes With Nicole Batten

Name: Nicole Batten
25 y.o
Research Coordinator
Nicole began as a volunteer for Kino Sydney, working the bar and door.

She directed her first Kino film for Kino Kabaret in 2011. Where she ended up making 3 films in 32hours as part of the filmmaking adventure!

She has since made some really interesting and well crafted films for Kino, often calling upon stylistic techniques to give her films a dramatic and often humours edge!

Your filmmaker trick of the trade: Convincing others who know more than me to work with me.
Favourite filmmaker & why: It'd be a tie between Godard & Cronenberg - the former because he showed sometimes letting the aesthetic trump the plot/reality makes for a better film (and Anna Karina); the latter because of the unrestrained oddity.
Describe what Kino is in 5 words:
Enthusiastic rabble make/show short-films?
When did you first start making films?
I made a 10 second bit for a crowdsourced film by Matt Ravier in 2009- alphabetterlucknexttime, but then did my first proper short at Kino Kabaret in 2011.
Have you had any formal training?
No, none at all.

Describe your filmmaking style in 3 words:
Tongue-in-cheek homage experiments

What do you love about creating short films?
I like the challenge of creating something to represent an idea I've had. Also, being able to learn different aspects of film-making, either through absorbing the knowledge of those I'm working with, or having to teach myself in order to actually complete a film & hopefully have it turn out ok.

When did you first start coming to Kino? 
2008? I volunteered in the bar - that definitely helped in making friends/contacts.

Did you make films before you came to Kino?
I made a documented performance for art in year 12, but I don't think that really counts, so no - Kino showed me there really were no barriers to just getting out & making something.

What kind of pre-production plan do you undergo before you shoot a film?
Plan? Pre-production is not my strong suit, but I guess it usually goes something like: formulate idea - convince people to be part of it & organise a time they're available - reschedule 10 times, change location 3 times, & change crew 5 times because of rescheduling - on day of filming figure out how many favours we need to call in for extra people and equipment we forgot to already organise - start filming.

Do you find your films often have a common theme?
I often use the tropes of familiar film/TV styles, and then tweak the story a little from the expected. Also, really unsubtle humour.

If you could have any job in the whole entire world what would it be?
Leader of my own cult? (Jamie's suggestion - I honestly have no idea)



Optional Challenge: June Kino!

To create a short with a creative use of colour!

What do we mean by this I hear you say?

Well, if we look at some super sweet films like American Beauty and Schindler's List we can see how colour was used to convey a message.

Check out scenes in American Beauty where red was used to create a certain mood or message. There is deliberate emphasis on others colours throughout the film such as blue and white which correlatewith the colours in the American flag.

Or an easy one is Schindler's List where they have created a film with a very limited colour palette and with a very deliberate focus on the colour red









Then there is also film styles like that of Tim Burton who, at times has worked within a narrow colour palette.

Playing with colour can happen through the art direction of your film or in post production. Playing with colour levels can alter the mood of your film dramatically!

Good Luck!

And remember the challenges are just optional. You can always make a film of your own choosing, if this challenge is not for you!

Films must be ready for screening on Monday 25th June at Kino #58! See you soon!


Kino Project Cast, Crew and... Animal Call


Art Director


2 Male Actors

1 Female Actor

1 Child Actor

1 Small Dog


Film will be shown at The Vanishing Point Art Gallery after premiering at Kino in August.

Theme: Aftermath of sexual abuse.

Film Synopsis:The film would represent the psychological impact of this trauma on an individual. We intend to be as subtle as possible into the artistic expression in the film – as in ideally I would like the viewer to think about what he/she saw and define what it means for him/her rather than us pasting to obviously the topic in the film itself.

The film would also express a more general feeling of entrapment/enslavement from ‘the screens’; all forms of information (often very sexualised) we are bombarded with from an early age.

Script can be dowloaded here!

Contact Andre if you are keen to take part in the creation of this Kino project!

Andre Flament