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Didn't get the chance to check out those super cool cameras at Monday's Kino?

Lomography will be supplying Kino Kabaret 2012 with 5 cameras for those interested in rebelling against traditional filmmaking and crafting a truely unique film. Simply spinning a winding crank will capture images on 35mm film, which can then be digitised into your own LomoMovie. Crank slow for a stop-motion effect, or faster for your film to resemble a flip-book, either way, Lomography allows any filmmaker the opporutinty to create a fascinatingly original film in their own style!

Lomography cameras are for anyone, of any experience, with any style, offering the chance to illustrate in an entirely new perspective.

For a preview of what Lomography can do, check out the credits of the film below:


Girlfriend from jxe on Vimeo.

For more information on Lomography or any of their products, be sure to check out their website.

And remember, they'll be supplying 5 cameras for Kino Kabaret in November and December, so get your imaginations rolling!

Kino Kabaret dates are 17-18, 24-25 November and the 1-2 of December. For only $50 you get everything you need to make a film in only 32 hours! Plus, access to a screening party with booze, food, and live entertainment. Only 30 spots are available each session, so check out the website and book now!


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