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Kino Project Cast, Crew and... Animal Call


Art Director


2 Male Actors

1 Female Actor

1 Child Actor

1 Small Dog


Film will be shown at The Vanishing Point Art Gallery after premiering at Kino in August.

Theme: Aftermath of sexual abuse.

Film Synopsis:The film would represent the psychological impact of this trauma on an individual. We intend to be as subtle as possible into the artistic expression in the film – as in ideally I would like the viewer to think about what he/she saw and define what it means for him/her rather than us pasting to obviously the topic in the film itself.

The film would also express a more general feeling of entrapment/enslavement from ‘the screens’; all forms of information (often very sexualised) we are bombarded with from an early age.

Script can be dowloaded here!

Contact Andre if you are keen to take part in the creation of this Kino project!

Andre Flament

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