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Lots of up and coming actors are dying for the opportunity to star in a short film! They need the experience in front of the camera and would love to put something down on tape to enhance their show reel.

As a filmmaker, sometimes it is hard to locate these actors or find the time to sift through head shots and auditions. It is much easier to turn to a friend and ask them to perform. However, casting is such a crucial component of the success of a film. When time is taken to select the right actors, it is always obvious in the final outcome of the project.

Kino Sydney has a relationship with one of Sydney's leading drama schools Darlo Drama who have a database of over 2,000 actors eager to be contacted by local filmmakers.

The process for posting an ad about your up coming project is super simple and can generate a lot of interest. 

Just shoot an email to: with the following information included:
  • Title of Opportunity 
  • Audition Dates 
  • Shoot or Rehearsal/Performance Dates 
  • Contact Person - Email Address & Phone Number  
  • Paid or Unpaid 
  • Details of the role 
  • Contact Details:

Follow the link to suss out more info about the actors at Darlo Drama.

Goodluck shooting!