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Kino groups or cells are rapidly multiplying around the world!

Founded in Montreal the network has since spread thoughout Canada, America, Europe, Australia and Africa!

Most cells hold monthly screenings and yearly Kino Kabaret events, just like Sydney.

Kino is a super inclusive network that welcomes people from International cells with open arms!

Feel like going on a holiday and want to hang out with some like minded filmmakers? Why not suss out the international Kino cells and see whether a Kino screening or Kino Kabaret is coming up!

Interstate Kino cells can sometimes assist you with the cost of your flight if you are looking to come over for their annual Kabaret event! They can also help hook up accomodation with one of their Kino members!



Kino can currently be found in the below locations. 

Head to their websites to suss out what they are up to!

Kino Vienna

Kino Brussells

Kino London

Kino Montreal

Kino Quebec

Kino Wisconsin

Kino Maurice