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Create a 2 minute short on the theme: I Am a Good Person / I Am a Bad Person

The best film(s) will be selected by the Director of the feature I Am a Good Person/I Am a Bad Person, Ingrid Veninger who will be present at the screening!

The winning shorts will be screened as part of the Possible Worlds Film Festival in August at Dendy Opera Quays, before the Australian Premiere of the Canadian feature film I Am a Good Person / I Am a Bad Person.

The winning filmmaker will also receive a season pass for 2 to Jurassic Lounge (value: $340) and an iPod Nano 16GB (value: $169).

All films will be screened at Kino #60 - Monday 24 September. The winner will be annouced at Possible Worlds, so be sure to buy your tickets early!

All films must be submitted on a DVD
Address: Adele Moleta, The Festivalists, PO Box K1099 Haymarket NSW 1240

To find out more visit: or

I Am a Good Person / I Am a Bad Person information:

Good luck and get filming!

And remember the challenges are just optional. You can always make a film of your own choosing, if this challenge is not for you!






There are two types of challenges at Kino.

Individual challenges are given out to filmmakers who have broken the rules with one of their films, or to daredevils who've volunteered for one. Challenges are decided by the audience on the night. The filmmaker who's received a challenge is not allowed to show at Kino again until they've made their challenge film.

Collective challenges are open filmmaking missions which anyone can take part in. There is no thematic restrictions at Kino - you're free to make exactly the film you want to make, provided you stick to the simple rules - but sometimes taking part in a team challenge can provide that extra motivation, incentive or deadline you need to get started.

Don't know where to start? Maybe you need a film challenge to get you into action!

Below is a list of optional challenges. Hit the links to get some further inspiration!



Four hours in the Australian Museum to shoot what ever you would like! Take inspiration from the roaring Dinosaurs, live crocodiles or special exhibition spaces!

There will be the opportunity to interview Museum experts or attend Jurassic Lounge, the museums after hours art event! 

Contact for more info.


Take a step back in time when cigarettes were smoked whole heartily, femme fatals were in distress and detectives drank way too much scotch. 

Film Noir involves a very distinct lighting style. You can suss out techniques for creating Film Noir here.


Creating a film with no sound, is not as easy as it sounds. Take a trip back to the days when vision couldn't be recorded along side film and create a film with no speech or dialogue.

Take inspiration from the likes of Charlie Chaplin and make use of well placed title cards to get your story across. 


Think you can create a film without any editing or cuts? With a bucket load of rehearsal behind your belt, you can make some pretty awesome films in one take. 

Make use of a home made tracking device, like a skateboard, shopping bag with a hole for your lens or a trolley for a super cheap, smooth tracking shot.


Haven't made a film before but have an eye for photography? Stop Motion might be an excellent place for you to start!

Using a camera take a bunch of shots that when placed side by side will create the impression of movement.


Seen a few too many David Attenborough films and feel you could recreate something possibly a bit funnier? Animal mocumentary is a fabulous time to put your voice over skills to work as you capture the essence of your neighbourhood cat, rat or goat.


Think The Sixth Sense or American Beauty where colours have been manipulated to stand out and represent an important aspect of the film.

Choices can be taken throughout the creation of the film to focus on particular colours or colour manipulation can be achieved in the post production process.


Enjoyed a particular era and would like to play homage to it? Set your film back in time and recreate a specific period. 70's disco anyone?


Animation is a time consuming art form and requires a lot of hours sitting behind the computer. On the plus side you don't have to cast characters, find locations or spend days trying to organise your crew!


Beginning with a Haiku poem, create a film that encapsulates the meaning of each sentence.


Create a 30 sec Kino indent that we can use to promote Kino Sydney on the night!


Have a film in mind that requires a series of mountains but don't have the cash to trek to the Himalayas? You can create a green screen in your home! You will need a piece of green or blue fabric and a lot of time to spend keying in the background image. Remember to not put your actors in blue or green outfits when in front of the green screen!


Puppet tales are super funny!


Want to poke fun at the worst reality TV show out? Making a mock TV program is the ultimate outlet. Think cooking programs, soap operas, crime shows...


Hook up with a local musician and create a music video with them! It is super easy to gather inspiration from song lyrics and heaps of local muso's are dying to have a film clip shot. Need to get hooked up with a band? Give us a yell, bands who have strutted their stuff on the Kino stage would love to be put in contact with you.


Like to cause a bit of a song and dance? Unleash your song writing abilities with a musical short film!


Got a big scale film idea in your head? Creating a trailer is a sweet way to start pitching your idea to film networks and sponsors. Why don't you shoot a trailer, take it to Kino and get some feedback from like minded film makers before you head out on your feature film making journey!


Have another challenge idea that we haven't come up with? Like to see a certain challenge be given out at the next Kino? Shoot an email to We are all about feedback and ideas!


*Please note - only one group per month is allowed to take up the Museum challenge. Contact to book in a slot